Friday, December 30, 2011

My first DIGI CARD - Merry Christmas!!!

Hello Again :)

I had made a Christmas card for a office friend of mine. This was my "first" digi card.. yyyaaayyy!! and I TOTALLY loved the outcome. I had enjoied coloring this way too much as it was after ages that I got a hold on the color pencils. Thanks to my sweetheart sister Khushboo who gave me this idea. She is my Crafting Guru :)

I have used Sliekje's digi stamp, printed and colored it.

Have a look :)

Thanks for stopping by. Wish a very Happy New Year in advance :)



You are AMAZING!!

Hello Peeps,

Posting up a card I made a few days back with no special reason behind it :D I do not have much to wirte about the card so just uploading the picture.

Have a look :)

I know I messed up with the stamp trying to make the border; but as it is said one learns from their mistakes and so did I :)

Thank you for stopping by.



Friday, December 9, 2011

Quilled Tie

Hello All,

I was surfing some sites and found a picture with a paper shirt with a quilled tie and it was like YES I WANT TO TRY THAT :D which as all know is damn easy. But I wanted to try it out with the urge of it being such a "cute look".

Heres a look of a small note card I made.

I punched out small frogs and put it on to.

C and C welcomed :)



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fun Fold Card


I made a fun fold card, thanks to Khushboo who helped me with the idea :)

Here a sneak peak -

The cupcake stamp was bought from Ujjwal and all the other stuff is from local market

Inside of the card (the white portion on the left was later stamped up).

C and C welcomed!