Friday, December 30, 2011

My first DIGI CARD - Merry Christmas!!!

Hello Again :)

I had made a Christmas card for a office friend of mine. This was my "first" digi card.. yyyaaayyy!! and I TOTALLY loved the outcome. I had enjoied coloring this way too much as it was after ages that I got a hold on the color pencils. Thanks to my sweetheart sister Khushboo who gave me this idea. She is my Crafting Guru :)

I have used Sliekje's digi stamp, printed and colored it.

Have a look :)

Thanks for stopping by. Wish a very Happy New Year in advance :)



You are AMAZING!!

Hello Peeps,

Posting up a card I made a few days back with no special reason behind it :D I do not have much to wirte about the card so just uploading the picture.

Have a look :)

I know I messed up with the stamp trying to make the border; but as it is said one learns from their mistakes and so did I :)

Thank you for stopping by.



Friday, December 9, 2011

Quilled Tie

Hello All,

I was surfing some sites and found a picture with a paper shirt with a quilled tie and it was like YES I WANT TO TRY THAT :D which as all know is damn easy. But I wanted to try it out with the urge of it being such a "cute look".

Heres a look of a small note card I made.

I punched out small frogs and put it on to.

C and C welcomed :)



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fun Fold Card


I made a fun fold card, thanks to Khushboo who helped me with the idea :)

Here a sneak peak -

The cupcake stamp was bought from Ujjwal and all the other stuff is from local market

Inside of the card (the white portion on the left was later stamped up).

C and C welcomed!



Friday, November 25, 2011

Wedding Scrap Album

Hey All,

I have made a wedding scrap album (my first attempt for one of a kind) for a friend. I do not know how to write about the stuff so I am trying to keep it short :D.

I have put the photos of all the pages for you all to have a look. You all can find it on my facebook page too. Heres the link of the page.

Have a look at the snaps :)

Here I have used the Sentiment Stampler from Paper Smooches purchased from Ujjwal

I had placed the photograph of the bride and groom but had to cover it on my friends request.

All other stuf used to make the scrap has been purchased from the local market.

Critics and Comments are welcome :)

Thank you for your precious time :)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello again :)

I have made a couple of cards last week for my colleagues in office :)

Have a look!

 a simple Birthday Card

A congratulations card!

Thank you!

A few more fabric flowers!

Hello :-)

Tried my hand on a few more fabric flowers; I guess they are kinda addictive!! Have a look!

Layered Fabric Flower

Stocking Flowers

 Will uploads few more soon :)



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabric Flowers

To kill my boredom, as usual I was just randomly visiting other crafters blogs and while going through them, I came across a blog which had a post about Yo-Yo Flowers.

As I had never tried making fabric flowers in my life, I wanted to give it a shot and tried doing it and I fell in love with making fabric flowers.

And now I feel I am addicted to them.

I have used the material I got from local market - Fabric, Buttons, Pearls. (actually tried to use the scraps i had at home too).

Heres a quick look on a few I made. :)

Comments and Critics welcomed :)