Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabric Flowers

To kill my boredom, as usual I was just randomly visiting other crafters blogs and while going through them, I came across a blog which had a post about Yo-Yo Flowers.

As I had never tried making fabric flowers in my life, I wanted to give it a shot and tried doing it and I fell in love with making fabric flowers.

And now I feel I am addicted to them.

I have used the material I got from local market - Fabric, Buttons, Pearls. (actually tried to use the scraps i had at home too).

Heres a quick look on a few I made. :)

Comments and Critics welcomed :) 


  1. Hey Apeksha!! Welcome to blogging!! These flowers are amazing! :) Loved it!! waiting to more of your creations!! Good luck!!

    lots of love

  2. Hi Apeksha! Nice to see your new blog :).. Loved your fabric flowers..Looking forward for more creations..especially quilled :)

  3. Hey Piyu Dee :) :) Thank you :) This weekend I am planning to do Quilling :) lets hope i do some :D